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Nicholas Woman Ruffled Floral-print Silk Crepe De Chine Mini Dress Light Blue Size 2 Nicholas
Is the additional information related to the current task, but independent of the currently displayed information?

Is showing or hiding the additional information essentially a data filter? If so, consider using a drop-down list or check boxes instead to apply the filter to the entire list.

Is showing or hiding the additional information essentially a data filter?

The goals of progressive disclosure are to:

Simplify a UI Simplify a UI's appearance

Both goals can be achieved by using progressive disclosure controls, where users click to see more detail. However, you can achieve the second goal of simplifying the appearance without using explicit progressive disclosure controls by:

Showing contextual detail only in context. For example, you can show contextual commands or toolbars automatically when relevant to the selected object or mode.

Showing contextual detail only in context.

Reducing the weight of affordances for secondary UI. Loafers for Men On Sale Indigo Blue Suede leather 2017 UK 75 8 UK 8 85 Edward Green Loafers for Men On Sale Suede leather Indigo Blue 1m0jab9G
are visual properties that suggest how objects are used. The trend is to have UI that users can interact with in place, but to have all such UI drawn to scream "click me!" leads to too much visual clutter. For secondary UI, it is often better to use subtle affordances and give the full effects on mouse over.

Reducing the weight of affordances for secondary UI.

In this example, the Rating field is interactive, but doesn't appear so until mouse hover.

Showing follow-up steps only after prerequisites are done. This approach is best used with familiar tasks where users can confidently take the first steps.

Showing follow-up steps only after prerequisites are done.

In this example, the user name and password page initially shows only the user name and optional password boxes. The confirmation and hint boxes are displayed after the user enters a password.

While progressive disclosure is a great way to simplify UIs, it has these risks:

Lack of discoverability. Lack of stability.

Progressive disclosure controls are usually displayed without direct labels that describe their behavior, so users must be able to do the following based on the control's visual appearance alone:

While users can determine the above by trial and error, you should try to make such experimentation unnecessary.

Progressive disclosure controls have a fairly weak Womens 2470221 Loafers Tamaris 1yKIux
, which means their visual properties suggest how they are used, albeit weakly. The following table compares the appearance of the common progressive disclosure controls:

If you do only one thing...

Users should be able to predict a progressive disclosure control's behavior correctly by inspection alone. To achieve this, select the appropriate usage patterns and apply their appearance, location, and behavior consistently.

In this context, it is important to emphasize that these G 1 /S molecules have short half-lives and frequently, if not most often, are regulated at the level of protein stability. This is important because changes seen at the mRNA level frequently correlate poorly with those observed at the protein level.

Thus, we know an enormous amount about cell-cycle control in the rodent β-cell and how key signaling pathways regulate these molecules.

As in the rodent β-cell, the G 1 /S molecules controlling human β-cell proliferation have also been studied, and much is now known. For example, we have a relatively complete understanding of which of the ∼30 G 1 /S molecules are present in the human islet, and they can be arranged in a working wiring diagram or road map, which looks very similar to the rodent version in Womens Lola Jeans Desires fALuV
( Womens Smily LowTop Slippers Haflinger 2FMRJPLjUa
). In addition, we know that adenoviral overexpression of certain cell-cycle regulatory molecules (e.g., cMyc, the cdks, or the cyclins D or E) in the human β-cell activates proliferation robustly. For example, with adenoviral overexpression of cell-cycle molecules, as many as 10–15% of adult human β-cells are able to replicate as assessed using Ki-67 immunohistochemistry or bromodeoxyuridine incorporation ( FOOTWEAR Laceup shoes Pulchrum OYFiY
74 ).

Although the human β-cell G 1 /S road map is similar to that in the rodent β-cell, there are two principal differences, indicated by the black numbers in Fig. 2 . First, cdk6 is absent in rodent β-cells but abundant in human β-cells ( 71 ). This is relevant because genetic loss of cdk4 in mice leads to β-cell hypoplasia and diabetes, presumably because there is no cdk6 to compensate for this loss. Second, although all three D -cyclins are present in the mouse β-cell, genetic loss of cyclin D2 (but not cyclins D1 or D3) in mice leads to β-cell hypoplasia and diabetes, indicating that this is the key D -cyclin in the rodent β-cell ( Pumps amp; High Heels for Women On Sale Blush Pink Patent Leather 2017 45 Michael Kors Patent Leather Blush Pink 4.5 Michael Kors Mga2bq8E
, 76 ). In contrast, human islets contain little or no cyclin D2 ( 71 ), suggesting, paradoxically, either that cyclin D2 is irrelevant in the human β-cell or that it is absolutely essential, with its paucity being precisely the reason that human β-cells do not replicate.

Failure to signal from cell surface to cell-cycle machinery.

Most importantly in the current context, because adult human β-cells do not replicate in response to the long list of growth factors, nutrients, and maneuvers that induce rodent β-cells to replicate, but clearly can replicate when cyclins and cdks are overexpressed ( 71 73 ), it is clear that failure or inadequacy of the cell-cycle machinery in human β-cells is not the reason they do not replicate; the machinery is there and waiting to be activated. Thus, the likely missing link in adult human β-cell replication is not failure to express key cell-cycle molecules, but rather a failure to activate them in response to what would appear to be appropriate upstream signals. More specifically, the blockade(s) would appear to be somewhere among the levels of the upstream growth factors, their receptors, signaling pathways that should, but do not, alter these cell-cycle molecules.

If human β-cells possess the requisite G 1 /S molecules to drive β-cell replication, and their upregulation can drive human β-cell replication, it is then axiomatic that signaling events that should be reaching the cell-cycle machinery are not. It therefore would be particularly useful to have a human β-cell signaling road map that describes these intracellular signaling pathways, with their upstream ligands and receptors and downstream cell-cycle targets. Unfortunately, in contrast to the rich and complex road map for growth factor and nutrient induction of rodent β-cell replication, no such road map exists for the human β-cell: we remain very much in the dark regarding receptors, nutrient transporters/sensors, their downstream signaling pathways, and their putative connections to the ultimate downstream cell-cycle regulatory molecules. Simply said, the human β-cell signaling road map is almost a blank slate, a tabula rasa, as shown in the light gray lines and text in the upper portion of TROUSERS Bermuda shorts John Varvatos jOQfj74s
, which should be contrasted to their counterparts in Fig. 1 . The following sections briefly summarize the little that we do know.

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July 11

Fred Lambert

- Jul. 11th 2018 9:35 pm ET

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Tesla has finally started delivering and installing the Powerwall 2 Founders series, a long-awaited Tesla referral program reward.

The automaker has a referral program used by its customers to refer sales of the Model S and Model X vehicles.

Owners can get “prizes” from Tesla after a few referrals.

Back in 2016, Tesla introduced a new ‘Founders series’ red Powerwall 2 signed by Elon Musk as a referral prize.

At the time, Tesla described the new prize:

For Tesla, a “Founders Series” product, like the Founders Model S and Model X vehicles, generally means the very first batch to be delivered with a special batch and/or color.

The ‘red Founders Series Powerwall 2.0’ was announced back around the time Tesla introduced the Powerwall 2, but the company started rolling out the product without a red Powerwall in sight.

Almost two years later, Tesla finally started delivery of the Founders Series to customers today. A Tesla owner posted on Twitter:

Electrek contacted Tesla about the installation and the company confirmed that they started the rollout.

The company wouldn’t elaborate on the timeline of the rollout. The prize was part of several rounds of Tesla’s referral programs and we estimate that hundreds of Powerwalls, both “Founders Series” and standard, have been won through the program.

Owners have often complained about the slow rollout of Tesla’s referral program prizes.

Aside from the signatures and the red color, the Founders Series doesn’t appear to offer any other advantages over the standard white Powerwall 2 that Tesla has been delivering for over a year.

The home battery pack offers 13.5 kWh of energy capacity that can be used as backup power or linked to a solar array to take better advantage of the solar energy generation.

We recently reported on the use of the system combined with a Tesla Solar Roof installation .

Tesla has recently confirmed that t hey installed over 1 GWh of energy storage and CTO JB Straubel said that they want to increase the production of Powerwalls and Powerpacks.

Electrek’s Take

I never understood why Tesla called it a “Founders Series” but delivered thousands of Powerwall 2 battery packs before delivering it.

It certainly doesn’t work with the automaker’s usual pattern for “Founders Series” products, but it is definitely in line with the late deliveries of referral prizes.

That said, the rollout of the Powerwall 2 has been somewhat limited in general.

Hopefully, the delivery of the Powerwalls won through the referral program indicates that they have increased production, as recently announced by Straubel, and that it will become more easily available.

Maybe it’s just hopeful thinking. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

“Those who make 7 or more qualifying referrals will receive an exclusive red Founders Series Powerwall 2.0, hand signed by Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Franz von Holzhausen. This limited edition Powerwall is not available to the public.”

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